Sunday, November 11, 2007

8 days of stims

ok I'm just going to copy and paste what I wrote in my FF buddy groups

I doubt this is the case with me but oh well. This morning the doctor that did my IUI's (I still go to her clinic for u/s and b/w and they fax it to my Dr. in Boston) was asking if I ever had a CD 10 FSH (clomid challenge test) "nope" I replied. I was "only" 26 when I first started infertility treatments so that is why she didn't do one. Her and my IVF doctor also refused to do an antral count on me as well. I've never had that done.

I realize that in some peoples eyes I'm still "young". While I realize this is the case it doesn't mean there are not other issues. I mean where did the phrase "premature ovarian failure" come from? Obviously woman who are "young" who don't respond that well to stims.

Granted with 150 gonal f I get 6-8 follicles (which equals about 6 eggs)

however with 225 this month I have 9 (unless there are more hiding which I doubt). It just seems as though my response is getting worse.

what is the harm in doing an antral count? It's my insurance/money and my body.

thanks for the vent. I'm looking for any stories/experiences.

If this IVF doesn't work I'm switching doctors and I WILL be getting the clomid challenge test along with CD 3 bloods and an antral count. I'll find a doctor who is willing to actually try to find out what the problem is rather then giving me the "unexplained" label.

My DH is really annoyed. He hates doctors now. He said "oh now they want to find out what the problem is." Now after over a year and a half of sticking myself with needles .

I guess I didn't stim as "slowly" as I thought I was. The follicles kind of sped up towards the end. Now I just wait for the Dr. to call me. I'm assuming I'll trigger tonight for a Tuesday retrieval.
update: the nurse called....and BTW she has the most annoying voice. You'd think that I had just won a million dollars or something. What is up with her being all excited? Nothing about this is exciting. I'm dreading this entire process. this whole thing sucks and I don't want to do it but I am because I want a baby. Man this SUCKS!
I forgot to ask her my E2 levels and now I'm ticked. I'll have to call tomorrow morning to get my results. My ER is 11:30 Tuesday but they want us to be there at 8:30. It takes us 2 hours to drive there with the rush hour traffic! And I will have a 3 hour wait?!? Are you kidding me? I'm calling my doctor tomorrow to ask if we can show up later. this is ridiculous.


Jennifer said...

Amy --- Wow, you've had a frustrating day with your doctors and your clinic! I'm so sorry. I've been upset by my stim check all day too...things just don't seem to go the way we ever expect them annoying. I hope you get some answers from your doctor. Good luck with your e2 results tomorrow!

M said...

Did you find out your e2 yet? I can't believe they are making you come in 3 hours early!

I think you have a good plan of action. Go forward with high expections for this cycle. 9 good eggs is more than enough to get you pregnant. But, your RE does sound extremely frustrating. No matter how good his resume looks he's got to personalize your treatment or else you need to drop him.