Friday, November 16, 2007

not looking good

well according to the embryologist I spoke to (who was extremely cold and kind of to the point) said that my grade 3 arrested (no cell growth in 24 hours) and the two grade 2's are 5 cells today. That means one of them only had a 1 cell growth in 24 hours (I'm assuming it's on it's death bed) and the other had a 2 cell growth in 24 hours (could just be a slow grower/late implanter).

I'm not very hopeful of this cycle and will be switching clinics after this IVF. Boston IVF is supposed to be one of the top clinics. They have 3 times the experience of most clinics (even top clinics like CCRM) they had over 3k cycles in 2005 with fairly good success rates. Success rates are going to be a bit more 'realistic' when you've done a lot of cycles.

I'm so sad. DH still wants to do the transfer and has hope. I have given up at this point. I know my embryos could use my hope right now but I just have none. I'm done with this roller coaster ride.
No wonder we have never gotten pregnant on our own or through IUI's. Even though our embryo's have good grades and look beautiful they never make it to implantation. Just goes to show that the grade is pretty pointless and means nothing.


M said...

It's not over yet. I had some 5 cell ones on day 3 that are still in the game. I think that it is in the range of what they like to see. I hope you do the transfer!

I can understand your frustration and anger with your doctor. I wonder if he just has too many patients. He probably has a great protocol in place for 80% of the women that flow through the clinic. But, come on, he hasn't even "tried" to diagnose you.

I am so sorry you lost one little embryo through the night.--but I don't think you are out of the game yet, and I hope you transfer.

Amy said...

Can you keep me updated on how those 5 cell one's do? I'm very curious. I know it's possible and I can't count myself out yet. I doubt the one that has grown 1 cell will make it. it is probably dead by now. I'm sure the one that was 3 cells and now 5 cells has a chance though. UGG. why does this have to be so frustrating?

M said...

Of course. And, when I spoke to my embryologist she didn't even sound the least bit concerned about the 5ers. Sounds like your embryologist is a meany! :)

Will you do transfer today?

Jennifer said...

Amy...I'm sorry to hear you lost one of your little embies! That is so sad. I'm pulling for the other two and truly hope they keep growing.

When is your are still going to transfer, right?

Hugs! Jen

adbwifey0804 said...

I'm sorry Amy!! I am holding out hope for you!