Sunday, November 25, 2007

red spotting

Well I've been spotting since 10dper. It has been brown up until today and only internal. Today it's pink and there when I whip. Cramps are really bad so I'm sure AF is on her way. I know that there is a small chance all this is pregnancy but I doubt it. I never spot that early but it could be the Crinone. DH has forbid me to test. Says I have to wait for my beta. I'm sure I'll have AF by then. :( My cramps are very bad though.

spotting is now heavy and bright red. I'm going to go tomorrow morning for my beta. I could care less what my RE thinks at this point. I'm also switching clinics. I have no idea where. I'm assuming the clinic close to home since DH says he's sick of driving me down to Boston IVF. It makes for a very long day. Problem is I need to find a doctor who will do the testing I want done. If they won't do it I won't be their patient. I'm sick of being told what to do. It's my body, my insurance. I'm paying them. They WILL do what I want to do. (with in reason). I want CD 3's. Another SA, Blood testing for clotting disorder, kareotyping, immunity testing and an antral follicle count. I want to make sure I don't have DOF (diminished ovarian reserve). I want my next RE to put me on a higher dosage of gonal f. I'd rather over stim and have to put off transfer for a month if it means getting more eggs. with me it's not "it only takes one". that is complete crap. If it only took 1 egg I would have been pregnant a long time ago. YES it's quality not quantity but I don't even think my embryos are making it to the blast stage so I need enough to be able to do a 5dt so we can see what they are doing. I need someone that will be very aggressive with me. not someone who will label me "unexplained".


M said...

Oh no Amy. I am so sorry. I am surprised AF came so early for you, still being on progesterone. I was really holding out hope that you were having implantation spotting. Darn it!

I do think you are very smart to switch clinics. Your RE is really holding you back. I think in order for IVF to work for a lot of us it takes a very aggressive patient and a very aggressive doctor. Despite your begging and pleading your RE refused to do "basic" "standard" "run of the mill" tests. It is inexcusable and unforgiveable. It is time to move on to someone who is serious about helping. I like your detailed list. You need to stick to that.--And cancel any cycle if your doctor goes back on his word. (I can't believe how your RE went back on his word last cycle!--I wonder if he'd even admit it now that you were right.)

Likewise, I feel I need to insist on having more testing done too. This whole you have to fail 3 ivfs thing before we help you makes no sense to me.

adbwifey0804 said...

Oh Amy, I am sorry. I've been wanting to check in on you.

Tell your hubby to suck it up (in a nice way) and to support you going to another clinic whether or not it is a drive!!! With all you have been through, you truly NEED to see an RE who cares about YOU and your problems. I know it's a hassle (because I am deciding whether or not to travel to Dallas to SIRM) but you won't be the first and I assure you, you won't be the last to drive those hours (or even FLY) for IVF.

Take care of yourself and keep your head up although I know it's hard.

Jennifer said...

Amy, I can't believe it...I was really hoping this would work for you...even though the embies weren't optimal. I'm soooooo sorry...I wish I could give you a big hug - becuase I know you're hurting right now.

It's time for a new RE - a fresh perspective. That new clinic closer to your home sounds like a good option to get answers and the testing you want. I hope they listen to you better than you old RE!!!

Amy said...

Thanks ladies! I'm feeling ok right now. I knew that it wouldn't work (as terrible as that sounds) --even though I did hope--. I have waves of anger but it's mostly because of my stupid RE and the fact that I have to wait because I'm switching clinics. Part of me wants to give my RE a 4th chance cause I know he will let me start BCP now for IVF #4 but oh well. I really hope the new RE lets me start right away. I hate how IVF cycles take so long.