Monday, November 19, 2007


Well I wanted to talk to my RE about my embryos but he has been to busy to talk to me so I emailed his secretary and asked her to email my question to him. I want his in put about my embryos. In the morning on Thursday the 2 we transfered were 4 cells. At 1:00 (over 24 hours later) they were 5 cells. Yes I've heard of people having success with 5 cells but a 1 cell growth in over 24 hours usually means they will die. Then again I could be completely off base too...which is why I wanted to talk to my doctor.

I realize the odds of this cycle working is slim (in my mind) I guess I finally got to the point where I can't picture getting a BFP. Oddly enough I think I'll be ok if I get a BFN. I'll be upset and I'll probably cry but I won't be devastated like I was the past two times. I really really hope this works because I'm not looking forward to switching clinics. Once I find out if this cycle worked or not I'm setting up a consult with a new fertility clinic. one that is closer to home. ER and ET are in the same town I work in. I wish I had known about them to begin with!

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M said...

I am glad you are going to talk to ypur RE. I am betting you will feel much better when you do. My only suggestion is to write a list and check off everything you want to ask. (If I don't do that I ALWAYS remember something else I should have asked him!)

I am also already fearing not seeing 2 lines on my hpt. I wonder if/ when I should test. My beta is set for 11/30. When is your beta scheduled?