Thursday, November 1, 2007

No AF yet

Well AF isn't here yet. :( That means I won't be able to start stims till Saturday and that is assuming AF shows up tonight or tomorrow. If she is not here by noon tomorrow I will call my Dr. and see what he wants me to do.

I have not felt well all day today. I'm hot and I've got the shakes (hard to explain) I also keep having weird pinching in my uterine area. I'm assuming AF is playing tricks on me because I've been on the pill for 3 weeks so there is no chance of pregnancy. Unless I was pregnant from last cycle but I doubt that since my progesterone was SOOOOO low and my follie was WAY to big and probably crap!!!

*sigh* I'm so frustrated. I hope she shows up tonight.


M said...

I hope AF visits you soon. These medications really mess with you. I can always predict within a day or two when AF will come. And this time it came 2 days beyond my max expected time! Frustrating to wait. I really hope she comes so we can start the same day!! Of course, you are lucky they will still start you on Saturday. I think my clinic would have made me wait another whole week. I have a good feeling about this cycle for the both of us :)

Amy said...

She should be here on Friday. Last time I did BCP for IVF she came on Friday too. I should have known to take my last pill on Saturday instead. I'll be starting stims on Saturday at this point. :)

How many days did you stim with your IUI cycles? I typically stim for 8-9 days. 7 days on rare occasions.

M said...

With iui I only did clomid. I haven't done stims before. So, this will kind of be a shot in the dark. My doctor is just putting me on a standard 225 long luteal protocol. So, hopefully, all will go well. But, unfortunately, we don't have much to go on. I meet with my dr. tomorrow morning and have my baseline stuff done. I think they only scheduled me for 15 minutes to talk to him, but I have a lot of questions!

Amy said...

I'll be on 225 too. :)

M said...

I am so happy AF came for you!!! I couldn't wait to check messages this morning. I am so happy we'll be starting this about the same time. Very Good News!!!

Amy said...

Yup. Depending on wether I stim 8 or 9 days (I've never gone over 9 days) I'll have ER on 11/12 or 11/13.

I wonder how long you will stim for. :)