Thursday, November 15, 2007

Still going strong

I got to find out about my embryos today. Today is 2dtER and they should be around 4 cells.

In my clinic grade 3 is above average (the best grade) and 2 is average (1 is under average)

4 cell grade 3!
4 cell grade 2!
3 cell grade 2!

I'm nervous about the 3 cell but I suppose it could have still been dividing when they looked at it today. I hope all 3 are around 8 cells tomorrow so we can transfer all 3. I know the doctors wont' want me to since they are all good quality (grade 2 is considered good and grade 3 is considered excellent-"high chance of implantation")
With IVF #1 I had an 8 cell grade 3 and a 5 cell grade 2. The 8 cell was "high chance of implantation" and the 5 cell just seemed to be growing slower. I'm not scared at all of transfering all 3 (ok a tiny bit) but DH is. WE won't want to freeze just one so we'd transfer all 3. :)

transfer is tomorrow at 1:15. I'm so nervous! I want them all to make it to 8 cells by tomorrow. :)


M said...

YEAH!!! On to transfer tomorrow! Your babies are progressing beautifully. Right on target! Nothing to worry about with the 3 cell. They are fine. I think your chance of triplets is low. But, you better at least be prepared for twins when they look this good this early! LOL!

Amy said...

DH is scared to death of having more then 1 baby at a time. LOL. I've prepared myself mentally since I started IVF because with 2 embryo's my chances are 25-30%. I just can't see freezing one. Besides what if that is the one? I'm just ready for this to be over and be pregnant. I have a feeling it will work and I'll have one perfect baby. :)

adbwifey0804 said...

Oh WOW Amy!! I am soo soooo happy for you!!! This is IT! I am hoping that 3rd one strives along with it's brother and sister. :)

GL tomorrow!!!

Jennifer said...

I am so happy that your embies are growing nicely! And I totally understand your frustrations with how many to transfer - that's a very difficult decision.

I will probably transfer 3 on day 3 or 2 on day 5 - that's standard in my clinic; however, I'm not worried about multiples...if I'm pregnant with 2/3, then so be it. If your DH definitely doens't want multiples, well then it sounds like 1-2 is your best bet. Go with your heart and your gut though!!!