Sunday, November 4, 2007

Plans for the week

I've decided that I needed to make a game plan for the next few weeks. Here is a copy of the post I made in my IVF buddy group on FF. Thought I'd post it here. I'm feeling a bit better then I did earlier today. I think what I need to do is have goals each day. Nothing long term. Like tomorrow my goal is to go to work then come home and finish my winter cleaning. I'm putting away summer stuff and taking out Winter stuff. My goal is to have the house clean by Wednesday. Because by then my E2 will be high (which means more mood swings), I'll probably be bloated and I want to be able to rest until my IVF is over.

My first u/s will tell me how many I'm more likely to get. I'm nervous that the higher dosage will just make my follie's grow faster but I know that won't happen. I'm really hoping for a 5dt. Regardless of how many follicles I have I just want a 5dt!! My RE wants 6 fertilized eggs in order to go for a 5d and I think that most of them have to make it to day 3 in order to push for a 5dt. I have my heart set on it even though I know I shouldn't. I just really want to see my embryo's get to that point. In a perfect world I'd like to see one or both hatching at transfer too. icon_mrgreen.gif That way I at least know that they can make it through the shell. I know...I'm asking a lot aren't I? I say I want these things but I won't get my heart totally set on it because I don't want to be let down if it doesn't happen. I also know that a 5dt isn't necessarily better then a 3d either but I personally would just like to see my embryo's make it that far. Not to mention it's less of a wait. icon_smile.gif

Well I talked to DH about what we can do the next few weeks to make this cycle easier. I asked him to help out around the house and it was willing to do so but admitted that he'd have his face in a book most of the month because he has major projects coming up. SO I decided to bust my rump the next few days and tidy up the house. I'm going to do some cleaning. Put summer stuff away and get winter stuff out.

My anniversary is 11/7 so I also made sure he is going to do something nice for me. icon_mrgreen.gif 11/7 is the day I have my first u/s so I hope that is good luck and not bad!!! I'm hoping for at least 10 follicles.


M said...

Oh, I think that is a great plan to stay busy and have projects! I am inclined to just sit around and wait. That is so good to make a plan to stay busy. I'm sure going through ivf makes time feel like it is standing still. Good plan!

So, I have a couple questions for you? How uncomfortable do you get from stims? Major mood swings? Bloated ovaries? Does it feel like PMS or a lot worse? How would you describe it. (So far I feel the same, but I've only had 3 shots.)

Also, how bad is egg retrieval? Do they put you totally out? How long before you leave the hospital? Are you essentially back to normal after a few hours? I have no idea what to expect.

Amy said...

I plan on staying busy through Tuesday then as of Wednesday I'm officially taking it easy. After Wednesday my goals for the day will be taking a hot bath. Or watching a movie. LOL.

Yes I have MAJOR mood swings on the injections. It's due the the major and quick rise in estrogen (estrogen is what causes PMS)-estrogen peaks just before ovulation-on injects your estrogen levels increase and in crease and in crease. On a normal cycle (with no meds) your estrogen might be around 200 right before you ovulate. With injects it can be in the thousands. SO yes it's like PMS but multiplied a hundred times.

I get extremely bloated and uncomfortable. My ovarie's ache every day all the time.

Retrieval they put you out completely. They have stirrups that hang from the ceiling (no joke) and you put your legs in them, then they put a mask on me and a needle in the arm and I'm out. Retrieval it self takes 20 minutes but I think you are asleep for about an hour. I wake up and I'm in a little waiting room. They call my DH once I'm starting to wake up. I've said silly things. Last time I thought I was at work. HAHAHA!!! I looked at the nurse and couldn't figure out where I was or why I was there! All I remember her saying is "she thinks she's at work" (to another nurse)

Drink a lot of gatoraid. It is supposed to help with the bloating. Take it easy because you could get OHSS. It's very painful I've had it before. Most woman don't get OHSS but it is possible if your E2 levels get to high. (which is why doctors monitor E2 levels every few days).

Amy said...

As far as back to normal. I am in pain for at least a day or two after retrieval. Take time off from work if you can. MY abdomen is sore and you will be on bed rest for the rest of the day. I personally wake up fairly quickly from the retrieval drugs and I feel fine the rest of the day but they say not to shower and not to drive or be left alone. Everyone reacts differently. I've known some woman to get sick but it's rare.

Amy said...

oh you should only be there a few hours (for the retrieval process) most of it is giving you time to wake up. :)

M said...

You know, I think I was okay with everything until you said there are stirrups hanging from the ceilings! I hate the idea of being put all the way under, too . . .What am I doing??? That is proof right there of how much we want to have babies! We had better get our BFPs this month!

So, is there a point before ER when your estrogen is sky-high and you just want to stay at home? Or, do you still feel good enough that weekend to go to dinner and go to church and stuff?

And, does your DH usually take the whole day off of ER to be with you? I'd rather not have my DH miss too much work right now. But, maybe he should stay home with me.

Amy said...

Yeah anyone that thinks the "stir ups" for your pap is bad has NO idea what we have to put our legs through!!!

The doctors will NOT alow you to stay home alone. It would be best for someone to be with you because you never know what kind of reaction you might have to being under. not to mention you are on bed rest all day. No shower or anything. NO making dinner...nothing.

If I could stay home towards the end of stimming I would but I can't...I have to work. :( I can handle church and going out on date night helps. What gets me is being at work (high stress environment) I think it's mostly my job that makes it harder (with the rising estrogen). So if you can avoid anything that will bring you unnecessary stress please do so. Try to pamper yourself...take long baths, go out to eat. Watch a movie on the couch. ETC. The next 3 weeks or so is going to be all about you and making you comfortable. Have DH help you around the house and for warn him that you might be moody. It's perfectly normal! :)

M said...

I remember how I used to be afraid to go to the GYN. It is funny to remember, because now I'm so comfortable after umpteen show-and-tell visits. But, the visual of those hanging stir ups is bringing it all back. :)

I think DH and I will have to plan to stay home that whole day. Anesthesia usually hits me pretty hard. I'm starting to realize what a big deal this is. Can't believe we're doing this. But, I'm SOOO GLAD!!!!

Amy said...

If you know how you react to it let them know. At my office the anesthesiologist comes and asks me questions. I'm sure they will do the same for you. They can give you meds to help with nausea and stuff.